Quieter Day On Stock Market But Biden Continues Strong Start

It was a more typical day on the stock market as their was little movement on the three main indexes. The Nasdaq closed up by 0.14%, while the S&P (down 0.11%) and Dow (down 0.03%) saw small falls.

The result is that Joe Biden’s presidency continues its strong start on the stock market. The Nasdaq is now up by more than 6%, while the S&P is almost 3% higher than when he took over from Donald Trump.

Joe Biden’s stock market performance as of 9th February 2021

Little has changed on the comparison between Biden and Trump after 21 days of presidency. The former continues to have strong leads on the Nasdaq and S&P, while Trump’s smaller lead on the Dow persists and has increased slightly on yesterday.

Table comparing Biden and Trump after 21 days of presidency

Biden has increased his lead over his Democratic predecessor Barack Obama on all three indexes and continues to lead him on all three after 21 days of presidency.

Table comparing Biden and Obama after 21 days of presidency

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