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Stocks Rebound Strongly After Poor Start To The Week

All 3 major US stock indexes recorded impressive gains Wednesday to go some way towards undoing losses from earlier in the week. The Nasdaq led the charge with a 1.19% climb, while the Dow and S&P were both up 0.93%. The Dow is the biggest winner since President Joe Biden took office and is, once […]

Stocks Tumble Again

US stock indexes fell across the board for the second day in a row Tuesday. The Nasdaq was again the biggest loser, dropping 0.92% of its value. The Dow was down 0.75% and the S&P lost 0.68%. President Joe Biden has still seen all 3 indexes gain since he took office. However, the gains are […]

Stocks Fall To Start The Week

All 3 US stock indexes suffered falls Monday, the Dow and S&P dropping back from the record highs they recorded last week. The former was down 0.36% by the close, while the S&P dropped 0.53%. The Nasdaq was down 0.98%. Despite the day’s losses, all 3 indexes have grown strongly since Joe Biden took office […]

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Stock Market Performance By President
cuml. returns
cuml. returns
cuml. returns
Last Updated: 04/21/2021
We track the S&P, Dow Jones and the NASDAQ by president and update our data after market close daily
Jobs Creation Growth By President
Payrolls growth
Last Jobs Report: Mar of 2021
Get the bottom line on jobs growth by president starting from 1945.
GDP Growth By President
cuml. returns
Last GDP Report: Not Available
We track GDP from every quarter starting from 1961.
More metrics coming soon!
  • Trade deficit
  • Total debt
  • Hourly wages
  • Inflation
  • Federal deficit
  • Unemployment rate
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Why Do We Use Percentage Gain to Calculate Performance in the Stock Market and Not the Total Point Gain?

The Dow was up 150 points. S&P increased by 30 points. These are the typical headlines we see when we go over stock market news. The media seems obsessed with these point increases and decreases, but do they provide the right perspective? If the Dow gains 150 points from 25000 to 25150 and S&P gains […]

GDP Growth: What’s the Ideal GDP Growth Rate?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the key economic indicators used to measure the economy and track its progress. Often, people equate a high GDP with economic prosperity and a low GDP with a failing economy. However, this isn’t always so. The correlation is not as simple as high is good and low is […]

Measuring Cumulative Performance and Annualized Performance

When analyzing presidential performance, we track various metrics including the stock market, GDP, and jobs growth. In all of these metrics, we use both cumulative and annualized performance. These are both key tools in understanding presidential performance across these key economic indicators. What is cumulative performance? Cumulative growth refers to the total percentage increase of […]