Job Market Performance By President

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Cumulative Job Market Performance By President

The chart below shows cumulative job growth by president from the start of their presidencies.

What is cumulative jobs growth?

Cumulative jobs growth shows the total growth of non-farm payroll jobs during a given presidency. For example, when Clinton started his presidency the total number of non-farm payrolls were at 150 million people. After 36 months of the Clinton presidency, the non-farm payrolls had grown to 180 million people. That meant a total of 30 million new jobs created under Clinton so a cumulative gain of 20%.

Annualized Job Market Performance By President

The chart below shows annualized job growth by president from the start of their presidencies.

What is annualized jobs growth?

Annualized jobs growth takes the cumulative job growth for a president and scales it to a period of a year. It helps normalize any up and down spikes with jobs growth and provides a view of average job growth performance over the time frame.

Why do we use annualized returns on FactsFirst? 

To level the playing field between presidents that served for significantly different timeframes. For example, a president who served eight years will usually have better cumulative jobs growth growth than one who served four years simply because he was in office longer. But when you annualize that data, and create a yearly average, you get more of an apples to apples comparison. 

How We Calculate Our Presidential Performance Data

We capture the data as soon as it’s available to us – stock market data after daily market close, jobs data once a month and GDP data once a quarter. After verifying the raw data, we then calculate updated cumulative and annualized performance data for the current president (the data for previous presidents have been calculated and verified in advance).

Some metrics are measured daily (like stock market performance), monthly (like jobs growth) and quarterly (like GDP growth). We start measurement of performance for a president from the first full time period after their inauguration. For stock market performance, it is the first stock market day in office. For jobs growth, it’s either first full calendar month in office (so if you are inaugurated in the middle of January, the first full month is February). This ensures a consistent starting point across all presidencies.

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