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Why Do We Use Percentage Gain to Calculate Performance in the Stock Market and Not the Total Point Gain?

The Dow was up 150 points. S&P increased by 30 points. These are the typical headlines we see when we go over stock market news. The media seems obsessed with these point increases and decreases, but do they provide the right perspective? If the Dow gains 150 points from 25000 to 25150 and S&P gains […]

GDP Growth: What’s the Ideal GDP Growth Rate?

Gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the key economic indicators used to measure the economy and track its progress. Often, people equate a high GDP with economic prosperity and a low GDP with a failing economy. However, this isn’t always so. The correlation is not as simple as high is good and low is […]

Measuring Cumulative Performance and Annualized Performance

When analyzing presidential performance, we track various metrics including the stock market, GDP, and jobs growth. In all of these metrics, we use both cumulative and annualized performance. These are both key tools in understanding presidential performance across these key economic indicators. What is cumulative performance? Cumulative growth refers to the total percentage increase of […]

How to Interpret The Facts and Data on Facts First

As the name of our website suggests, we put facts first and leave it up to our readers to form their own opinion based on the facts we present. The same piece of data can lead to multiple conclusions which are influenced by the amount of context you have, any political leanings and preconceived notions […]

How much impact does a president have on the stock market?

Presidents frequently point to stock market performance as a key benchmark proving the success of their administration. And political commentators are quick to give the president credit– or blame– for the stock market’s performance. President Trump frequently tout the stock market as a key indicator of his success as a president. The Dow Jones Industrial […]

What is GDP and GDP Growth and Why is it Important?

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a metric that helps us understand the overall health of a nation’s economy and its residents. Nearly everything around you is part of your country’s GDP. For example, when you eat in a restaurant, the tables, equipment in the kitchen, light fixtures, the employees’ income from working in the restaurant, […]