Stocks Rise Slightly on Tuesday, Trump Extends Lead on NASDAQ

Tuesday was a fairly quiet day for the stock market, with key indexes up a small amount throughout the day. At the conclusion of Tuesday’s trading session, the NASDAQ was up 0.3%, while the Dow was up 0.2% and the S&P 500 up 0.04%.

Tuesday marked President Trump’s 1454th day in office. Since he was inaugurated, the NASDAQ has increased 135.8%, the Dow has increased 57.5%, and the S&P has increased 67.9%.

Table showing Trump’s performance across all key metrics as of January 12, 2021

Through 1454 days in the Obama presidency, the NASDAQ had increased 104.4%, the Dow had increased 62.9%, and the S&P had increased 73.2%. Obama is lagging behind Trump in NASDAQ performance, but is leading Trump in 4 of the 5 of the key metrics we track, including GDP and jobs growth.

Table comparing Trump’s performance to Obama in the stock market as of January 12, 2021

Stock market performance can also be measured on an annualized basis. Obama is leading Trump on annualized stock market performance for the Dow Jones and S&P, while lagging Trump on the NASDAQ, which we already knew because we controlled for the number of days in office above. However, annualized performance can be a good way to compare stock market performance between two presidents that had a different number of terms in office.

Table comparing Trump’s annualized performance to Obama in the stock market as of January 12, 2021

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