Stock Market Continues To Rally

It was another record day on the stock market as all three of the main US indexes closed up. The Nasdaq was up the most at 0.95%, with the Dow up 0.76% and the up S&P 0.74%.

This means that Joe Biden continues to enjoy an excellent start to his presidency and has seen the main indexes achieve notable rises. The Nasdaq is now up by more than 5% compared to when he took over from Donald Trump on January 20th.

Joe Biden’s stock market performance as of 8th February 2021

Biden has better figures than Trump on both the Nasdaq and S&P and has made only a slightly worse start than him on the Dow. Furthermore, Trump’s lead on that has decreased by around two-thirds since Friday.

Table comparing the performance of Biden and Trump after 20 days of presidency

Biden continues to lead Barack Obama on all three indexes. His lead on all three has, though, been slashed by more than half compared to Friday.

Table comparing the performance of Biden and Obama after 20 days of presidency

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