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Biden vs Obama

Last updated: July 22nd, 2024

This page has the comparisons between Biden vs Obama across all the metrics we track. Since President Biden is still in office, Biden's performance is still current date and Obama's performance is for the same equivalent time period in Obama's presidency.

With respect to cumulative performance, Joe Biden has performed better on 2 out of the 5 metrics we track.  President Biden's highest performance difference was on the indicator GDP performing 12.82% better than President Obama. President Biden's lowest performance difference was on NASDAQ Index performing -54.83% worse than President Obama.

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Biden vs. Obama stock market performance

How does Biden compare to Obama in the stock market? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized performance between Biden and Obama in the stock market. Cumulatively across the S&P 500, Biden is at 46.47% compared to Obama at 60.29% a difference of -13.82%. On the NASDAQ, Biden is at 36.45% compared to Obama at 91.28%  a difference of -54.83%. Finally, on the DOW Jones, Biden is at 30.67% compared to Obama at 54.84% a difference of -24.17%.

Cumulative Performance
Joe BidenBarack ObamaDifference
NASDAQ36.45%91.28%Biden -54.83%
DOW30.67%54.84%Biden -24.17%
S&P46.47%60.29%Biden -13.82%
Annualized Performance
Joe BidenBarack ObamaDifference
NASDAQ9.27%20.35%Biden -11.08%
DOW7.93%13.30%Biden -5.37%
S&P11.50%14.43%Biden -2.93%

Biden vs. Obama GDP performance

How does Biden compare to Obama with respect to GDP Growth? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized GDP growth. Cumulatively Biden is at 19.24% compared to Obama at 6.42% a difference of 12.82%

Joe BidenBarack ObamaDifference
Cumulative19.24%6.42%Biden +12.82%
Annualized6.15%2.13%Biden +4.01%

Biden vs. Obama jobs growth performance

How does Biden compare to Obama in non-farm payroll? We share the facts on cumulative and annualized jobs created. Cumulatively Biden is at 11.19% compared to Obama at -0.04% a difference of 11.23%

Cumulative Gain/Loss
Joe BidenBarack ObamaDifference
Cumulative11.19%-0.04%Biden +11.23%
Annualized3.20%-0.01%Biden +3.21%

How do we calculate data for Biden vs. Obama?

We capture the data as soon as it’s available to us – stock market data after daily market close, jobs data once a month and GDP data once a quarter. After verifying the raw data, we then calculate updated cumulative and annualized performance data for the current president (the data for previous presidents have been calculated and verified in advance).

Some metrics are measured daily (like stock market performance), monthly (like jobs growth) and quarterly (like GDP growth). We start measurement of performance for a president from the first full time period after their inauguration. For stock market performance, it is the first stock market day in office. For jobs growth, it’s either first full calendar month in office (so if you are inaugurated in the middle of January, the first full month is February). This ensures a consistent starting point across all presidencies.

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