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Stocks Rebound Strongly After Poor Start To The Week

All 3 major US stock indexes recorded impressive gains Wednesday to go some way towards undoing losses from earlier in the week. The Nasdaq led the charge with a 1.19% climb, while the Dow and S&P were both up 0.93%. The Dow is the biggest winner since President Joe Biden took office and is, once […]

Stocks Tumble Again

US stock indexes fell across the board for the second day in a row Tuesday. The Nasdaq was again the biggest loser, dropping 0.92% of its value. The Dow was down 0.75% and the S&P lost 0.68%. President Joe Biden has still seen all 3 indexes gain since he took office. However, the gains are […]

Stocks Fall To Start The Week

All 3 US stock indexes suffered falls Monday, the Dow and S&P dropping back from the record highs they recorded last week. The former was down 0.36% by the close, while the S&P dropped 0.53%. The Nasdaq was down 0.98%. Despite the day’s losses, all 3 indexes have grown strongly since Joe Biden took office […]

Records For Dow And S&P As Stocks Soar

The Dow and S&P ended on record highs Thursday, while the Nasdaq gained 1.31% on the day. The Dow was up 0.90%, while the S&P gained 1.11%. All 3 US stock indexes have grown strongly since Joe Biden took office as president in January. The Dow has gained the most and is closing in on […]

Another Mixed Day For The Stock Market

The Dow gained 0.16% Wednesday but there were losses on the other 2 major US stock indexes. The S&P closed down 0.41% despite making gains early on, while the Nasdaq was down 0.99%. The Dow continues to be the strongest performing index of Joe Biden’s presidency. It has now gained more than 8% since he […]

S&P Breaks Record Again But Dow Falls

The S&P ended on another record high, while the Nasdaq closed up by 1.05% on a mixed day for the stock market. The S&P gained 0.33% but the Dow was down 0.20%. All 3 indexes remain well in the green for President Joe Biden. The Nasdaq has nudged up to 4% growth, while the Dow […]

Stock Indexes Edge Downwards

All 3 major US stock indexes dropped slightly Monday. The Nasdaq saw the biggest loss but still only dropped 0.36%. The Dow was down 0.16%, while the S&P lost just 0.02%. It therefore remains the case that all 3 indexes have grown significantly since Joe Biden took office in January. The Dow remains the most […]

Dow And S&P End Week At Record Highs

All 3 stock indexes gained Friday to close the week strongly. There were new closing highs for both the Dow and S&P which were up 0.89% and 0.77% respectively. The Nasdaq closed up 0.51%. Today’s stock market performance has further extended the gains that all 3 indexes have seen under President Joe Biden. The Dow’s […]

Gains All Round As S&P Sets Another Record

The S&P gained 0.42% Thursday to again close on a record high. There was a more modest 0.17% gain for the Dow, while the Nasdaq grew 1.03% off the back of good performances from tech shares. All of which is good news for the stock market indicators under President Joe Biden. The S&P has now […]

Little Change On Markets But S&P Breaks Another Record

There was little change on the 3 main US stock indexes Wednesday. The S&P and Dow were up modest amounts. The former’s 0.15% gain was enough for another record closing figure. The Nasdaq dropped 0.07%. President Joe Biden continues to have solid gains on all 3 indexes since he took office. His most impressive index […]