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Stock Market Ends Week On A High

The 3 main US stock indexes rose by over 1% Friday to end a topsy-turvy week on a high. The S&P was up the most at 1.95%, while the Dow was up 1.85%. The Nasdaq’s more modest 1.55% growth at least made up for some of its recent losses. Today’s gains mean that both the […]

Stocks Soar To End Poor Run

The 3 main US stock indexes all saw major gains today. The S&P enjoyed its biggest daily rise since June 2020 in gaining 2.38% on the day. The Nasdaq was up 3.01% and the Dow 1.95% which were their biggest daily increases since November. This means that President Joe Biden is sitting much prettier in […]

Biden Sees Nasdaq Lead Over Trump Almost Disappear

President Joe Biden saw his lead over Donald Trump in our Nasdaq comparison fall sharply for the second time in a row. He had led by almost 3% last week and by 1.5% yesterday but has now seen the index rise by only 0.35% more than Trump did at the same stage in his presidency. […]

Big Changes In Trump v Biden Comparison Despite Slow Day On Markets

President Joe Biden saw his stock market position by comparison with predecessor Donald Trump worsen considerably Tuesday. After 28 days of Trump’s presidency, the Dow had increased by more than twice as much as it has for Biden. Trump’s cumulative gain on the S&P is also now greater than Biden’s, who has also seen his […]

Stock Market Closes Good Week With More Gains

All three of the main indexes finished Friday up on the day as the stock market continued the strong start it has made under the presidency of Joe Biden. The Nasdaq again led the way with a 0.5% rise, while the S&P was not far behind, up 0.47%. The Dow closed up a more modest […]

Little Change In Biden v Trump Stock Indexes Comparison

The Nasdaq closed up by 0.38% and the S&P was up by 0.17%, but there was little movement in the gaps between President Joe Biden and his predecessor Donald Trump after another relatively unspectacular day on Wall Street. The Dow was down a marginal 0.02%, meaning that Trump’s lead over Biden on that index increased […]

Stock Market Continues Solid Start To Biden Presidency

The stock market continued the strong start it has made under the presidency of Joe Biden as the Dow closed up 0.2%. There were, however, losses of 0.25% on the Nasdaq and 0.03% on the S&P 500. Nonetheless, that means the Nasdaq is up 6% since Biden entered office, while the Dow and S&P are […]

Quieter Day On Stock Market But Biden Continues Strong Start

It was a more typical day on the stock market as their was little movement on the three main indexes. The Nasdaq closed up by 0.14%, while the S&P (down 0.11%) and Dow (down 0.03%) saw small falls. The result is that Joe Biden’s presidency continues its strong start on the stock market. The Nasdaq […]

Stock Market Continues To Rally

It was another record day on the stock market as all three of the main US indexes closed up. The Nasdaq was up the most at 0.95%, with the Dow up 0.76% and the up S&P 0.74%. This means that Joe Biden continues to enjoy an excellent start to his presidency and has seen the […]

Records Broken On Day Of Stock Market Gains

All three of the main US stock indexes closed up on the day, with the Nasdaq (+0.57%) and S&P (+0.39%) setting new records once again. The Dow (+0.30%) is just behind its record high recorded last month. All three of the indexes are up since Joe Biden took over as president. Biden also improved his […]